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Track alignment are designed to be used as track laying jig as well as a layout template!

Four track aligners match the PECO Setrack radius 1 to 4. There is also a Radius 5 aligner that will enable a fifth track to be laid outside radius 4 with the same track spacing.

They are produced in 3mm acrylic in a variety of radii for 16.5mm (HO), 9mm (N) and 10.5mm (HOn3) trackwork. They are designed to align Peco, Atlas, Micro Engineering and all other generally available flexitrack.

All track aligners are approximately 290mm (11.25") in length. 

Each of the templates are designed to clip together end to end to enable more complex curves to be produced and to use them as a track template guide.

They are designed to enable the track to be pinned down and the Aligner can then be removed leaving the track in position.

Track Aligners

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