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A powder to be used in conjunction with the MAVERICK BOND to fill or stem puncture/holes/gaps, build back broken surfaces, give additional strength to joins or act as a sealant. Particularly useful when surface area available is inadequate thus weak on the shear, the MAVERICK FILL will ensure additional strength. Apply MAVERICK FILL of approximately 2-3mm thickness and impregnate thoroughly with MAVERICK BOND. Setting time is a few second, however, allow few minutes if the Fill is to be processes mechanically, tapped or varnished. Commonly referred to as a micro balloon, it is made up of silica, alumna and quartz. Applying Maverick Bond as a hardener, it creates an exothermic reaction to weld the powder components together. Particularly effective and useful in doing plastic mold and fiberglass repairs.MAVERICK FILL is non-toxic, does not damage the environment and can be disposed of together with household wastes. Suitable for all materials.

Maverick Bond Filler 20g

SKU: P3014
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