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Track Aligners

Track aligners will help you to form perfect curves using flex track. Available for HO/OO (16.5mm gauge), N and HOn3 and are suitable for all codes.


Corrugated Iron Makers

Make your own scale corrugated iron with these easy to use Corrugated Iron Makers. Available for a variety of scales from N to 1:24. Foil is also available. 

$11.55 to $20.50

Ballast Spreaders

Helps ease the pain of ballasting your track and makes the task much easier. After the ballast has been glued it greatly simplifies the task of getting rid of ballast on the side of the rails.

$18 to $22

Handrail Bending Jigs

These Handrail Bending Jigs are an extremely handy tool for scratchbuilders and for those detailing models.


Track Separation Gauge

This track separation gauge will enable HO/OO modellers to lay tracks parallel to each other at the correct distance apart. 


Railway Backscenes

These are high quality digital photos printed on a material with a self adhesive back. They are available in a variety of sizes including 23cm x 1m for HO. 


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